Palm Sunday

All the words can be found in the readings for Palm Sunday

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  1. Place where Jesus was crucified
  2. The disciples followed a man carrying a pitcher of this to find the house for the Last Supper
  3. Jesus rode on a donkey into this city
  4. Roman Governor
  5. Darkness covered the earth from the sixth hour to the
  6. The people shouted Blessed is the kingdom of our father _____
  7. Prisoner released instead of Jesus
  8. Mount of ______ where the disciples found the donkey for Jesus to ride
  9. Who they said Jesus was calling on the cross
  10. Jesus was given this to drink


  1. At the Last Supper Jesus took bread and said "this is my ____"
  2. People shouted this word when Jesus arrived on the donkey
  3. Where Jesus took the disciples after the Last Supper
  4. One of Simon of Cyrene's sons
  5. One of Simon of Cyrene's sons
  6. Joseph from this town asked Pilate for permission to take Jesus down from the cross
  7. Judas ________ betrayed Jesus
  8. People took branches of ____ trees to greet Jesus
  9. Village where Simon the leper lived
  10. Fear not daughter of ____
  11. What the false witnesses claimed Jesus had said he would destroy
  12. what in the temple was torn?

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