Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

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The Manx Church Magazine - December 1937

My Dear People,

The Mission will be on its way by the time this reaches you. If you have not been to it yet will you do so, for such an opportunity of bringing us all back to God does not come often. Do not miss this opportunity of this recall back to our religion. A mission is a time when we can have our faith in God rekindled with fresh warmth, of learning what sin is and what sin does, of helping us to realise our need of God's forgiveness and of giving us that encouragement not "to weary in well-doing", which we need so much in these days. Our ideals, our principles get watered down so much by the world's standards that we need to clear up our doubts and understand once again why Christ came on earth, why He died on the Cross, why He conquered death and rose again, why He ascended into heaven, and why He continually intercedes for us in heaven. A mission teaches us all these, and the missioner is like the prophet of old proclaiming God's truth and the need of our repentance. The missioner comes with a fresh voice, a fresh presentation of the age long story of "Jesus and His Love", and it does concern you and me because there will be a time when these calls will no longer come to us; the time is short and life is short, and we only sojourn here and life here is only a preparation for that fuller life "which is in the heavens". Advent teaches us quite clearly of that "second coming", when the Judge of all the earth will come again to claim His own. We must get ready for that call, and the mission will help us to see ourselves as we really are in God's sight. It is not a selfish thing to have regard for our soul's salvation because if we are truly converted, and in our re-creation, and this will have its influence on those around us when people see that we "have been with Jesus".

A converted life is one of the most powerful influences for good in this world.  Can you honestly say that you are really converted?  Is your life really based on the Love of God?  Or has the world, the flesh and the devil tainted your life? The mission will help us to get rid of those taints. "Rend your heart and not your garments and turn unto the Lord your God". "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus".

I am glad to say that the Bishop has kindly consented to come and commission the missioners at the outset of the mission on Thursday 2nd December.

May God bless us and crown our efforts with much happiness and fruits of the spirit.

Do not forget that Christ said, 'Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will not pass away.'

Very sincerely yours,

L.C. Watson


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