Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

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The Manx Church Magazine - October 1937

My Dear People,

I am glad to be back again amongst you after an excellent holiday. I am most grateful to Father Godwin for looking after the parish, which I hear he has done with great ability and interest.

When I went away, I was not sure if I should be asked to take over the assistant secretary-ship of the UMCA, for two months before Dr Broomfield, the new secretary had written to ask me if I would consider taking this post.

Although UMCA is very near to my heart, I was not at all sure whether it was my vocation to go back to London, and so end my work here. I therefore wrote a letter, giving all the reasons why I felt my work was not finished here yet, and left it to him and the committee to decide whether UMCA or St Matthew's had the greater claim on my services.

When I got to Abingdon, Dr Broomfield told me that in view of all the circumstances, he did not feel he could take me away from here. I was frankly relieved for I love the Island and St Matthew's, and I have always felt that a vicar should stay at least ten years unless there was a really strong call to greater work. So here I am ready to begin the winter's work.

I write on the eve of our Patronal Festival. We have a great deal to thank God for at St Matthew's. First that God put it into the heart of Bishop Wilson to provide for the spiritual needs of Douglas in building St Matthew's Chapel over two hundred years ago. Secondly, we must thank God for the devoted work of the Taggart family for nearly fifty years, and all that has meant. Thirdly, that for over twenty five years the Catholic Faith has been taught and practised in our beautiful Church. Then we cannot forget the five years' devoted work of Father Japing, whom we are looking forward to seeing and hearing this Patronal Festival.

I personally am thankful for the sympathy and encouragement of the Bishop; for although we do not always see eye to eye on some matters, yet he has never failed to be a true Father in God, and has helped us in whatever way he could.

These are some of the thoughts that pass through my mind as I contemplate what we owe to God in our Church.

May God bless you.
Your sincere Friend and Vicar
Lewis C. Watson

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