Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Young People's Corner

This month, as Christians, we believe and think about events 2,000 years ago when Jesus was crucified and rose on the third day. Why do we believe it? What was the teaching that helps us in our lives today?

We understand that the world must have been created (we’re here to prove it.) However, “out of nothing, nothing comes” as all scientists accept because no one ever has created anything out of nothing. They have combined and/or broken up things to make new things but, without exception, scientists must have something with which to work even if it is the minutest speck of infinitely heavy material!

The “Incomprehensible Intelligence” who conceived our complex, intricate universes we call God.  The person who came to live amongst us to explain, at our level, how best to live is Jesus who Christians believe is the Son of God.

When God created us, he gave gifts for us to develop like bodies, brains, emotions, speech, curiosity, humour and many others along with, most importantly, FREE WILL. He could have created all of us good and working nicely together but we would have been like the robots we are now building for ourselves. Instead, he gave us free will – infinite variety, the choice to do right or wrong things.

Jesus came to show us how we could live free, healthy, happy, adventurous lives by learning where the boundaries are and not to go beyond them. Good parents teach their children from the first day of life to do many things but also to recognise when to apply the brakes. If they don’t the result can be tragedy not freedom.  God wants us to be free.

Do you feel free? Try to answer these questions and judge how it affects your freedom. Are you always supervised? Can you say what you think? Is it good to be politically correct? How do you react if someone disagrees with what you think? Does it matter to you if others laugh at you? Have you ever sat on a fence and gazed at the countryside and just day dreamed? How often do you go somewhere on your own? What sort of things are you afraid of? Being civilized?  Looking different? Speaking in public? Being injured? Failing at something? Being bad? Being alone?

We must always be careful to guard our personal freedom and collectively resist every effort to erode our religious freedom which is happening now in various ways, one of which is political correctness. If any of these or other things bother you, you could always come and talk to me or someone who may be able to help.

Always keep in mind, when you are thinking about freedom, the story of the man who went down the street swinging his umbrella when the man behind him said “Stop doing that.” The first man turned and replied, “This is a free country and I’ll swing my umbrella if I want to.” “That is all right” replied the second man “provided you always remember that your freedom ends where my nose begins!!”

Next month we could have a look at Religious Freedom and what is happening to it.

Ruth Solomon