Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Children's Corner

Did you enjoy celebrating Jesus' birthday this Christmas? I hope so. Nice presents?

Have you ever thought how odd it is for millions of people, over 2,000 years later, to

celebrate the birthday of one man?

I don't know of any other famous person whose birthday is celebrated after his

death, do you? Think of Alexander the Great, conqueror of vast areas; Einstein, the amazing scientist; Florence Nightingale, whose nursing care endeared her to thousands and any other notable person who comes to mind. Does anyone today, know anything about their births? Why?

God sent Jesus to show us how to live - to teach us the way of TRUTH.

Jesus lived about 33 years, healed some people, told interesting stories, died and rose from the dead. So why talk about his birth?

What is TRUTH? Another way of thinking of "TRUTH" is "MEANING".

What is the MEANING of the birth and the events at that time?

I think God wanted it clearly understood by those who dug into the story for the meaning:

1. His Son came from a normal background - Joseph and Mary were ordinary people, not wealthy, not poor, hardworking, not concerned with position in life.

2. God wanted the world to know that Jesus had His full backing. How better to announce it than with a Heavenly Choir?

3. God also showed that the message was for all conditions of men, from his simplest shepherds in the fields who just came to worship, to the great Kings with their gifts of gold (worldly wealth) frankincense (prayers) myrrh (sadness).

4. God also wanted us to understand that ALL people can worship Him, from the locals in the hills to strangers from far off lands – no colour or national discrimination.

Read the story in Matthew 2 verses 1-12 and Luke 2 verses 1-21 and see if you think the 4 points above could be the hidden MEANINGS of the story? Come and tell me if you don't think so, or if you do.

It is important that the story of God sending his Son to earth is passed on to future generations so that no matter what the world becomes, those who DIG for the real MEANING or TRUTH of the story can find it maybe in 5,000 or more years hence. Dig deeper for more meanings.

Have a good year, work hard and do well.

Ruth Solomon