Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Children's Corner

A Happy Christmas and New Year

What makes Christmas important to you?  Well, that may very well depend on who you are and what you think matters.

If you are a shop keeper, it could be important because that is the time of year you sell more food, toys, clothes or books and make a lot of money.

If you are a worker it may be the time you have a holiday and someone else takes you to a lovely place where you enjoy doing very little.

If you are a parent it is important as the time you never stop working – shopping, decorating house and tree and preparing dinner with too much of everything.

If you are a child, it is the time when everybody gives you sweets and presents.

There is some of each of these important aspects of Christmas in all of us which is quite good, exciting and fun BUT if that is all Christmas means to us we have thrown the baby out with the bath water!!  Baby?  What baby?!

Without the baby Jesus in a manger over two thousand years ago, Christmas (Christ-Mass) has no meaning at all.  It is just a big party often followed by a headache of one kind or another.  So why is this baby Jesus of any interest to us these days?

Well, he grew up to be a very famous man who taught people about God and how to live good lives by making the right choices in life to keep them happy.  Some people at that time listened and tried to do what he said but others took no notice and decided To kill him.  He willingly died to save all people from destroying their lives.  In fact, he said that after we have finished with this life on earth it is possible to gain eternal life if we believe in Him.

Since then Christians have come to realise that that man Jesus was in fact God in human

form coming to earth to teach us how to live useful contented lives.

So we celebrate Jesus’ birthday with excitement, joy, nice things to eat and give presents to one another to show how much we love each other and worship Him; talk to Him in prayers; and visit His house, at least, once a week.

Have an exciting, joyful, peaceful Christmas and God Bless.