Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Father Tom ponders …… ‘Where did all those dandelions come from'

It could be my imagination, or it could be that I am being over sensitive, but what a profusion of dandelions we seem to have had this year. The dandelion is a pest of a weed. The moment you tug at it is the moment is breaks from its root ensuring that it will grow again. A gentle breeze, after it has soaked up the sun, ensures that its petals turn to seeds and blow away to settle where they will. In somebody else’s garden they look pretty!

Following the wonderful events of our Lord’s resurrection and ascension, the early Church waited patiently for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Pentecost was our equivalent harvest which would explain why there were so many different people in Jerusalem when the Apostles were given their commission to go out to the whole world. Having celebrated this wonderful event in the Church’s history, we now turn to celebrate the Most Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi, the birthday of St John the Baptist in preparation for the long period of Sundays in Ordinary Time.

For centuries, faithful Christians – like the dandelion – have been spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Seeds have settled in the most unlikely of places and enormous growth has come of it. Unfortunately, in our day and age, there seems to be few examples of this happening as commercialism and secularism seem to be taking over. Yet this is where we are wrong.

The real proof of total commitment for any Christian comes when we are tugged by this world through illness, bereavement or sin. If we are like the dandelion, the moment our top is snapped from us, because our root is buried so deeply in the love of God, we begin to grow once more. The more we are nourished by the Scriptures and the Sacraments the more we soak up the radiance of God and begin to spread the good news just like a seed. Our prayer is that wherever it may land a greater sprinkling of colour comes into the world even though there are those who seek to destroy it because for them it is nothing more than a weed.

Perhaps the next time you are desperately trying to rid your lawn of the dandelion you might offer a prayer that your life as a Christian might be just as problematic to stop as the weed you think is spoiling the look of your garden!

With love and prayers.