Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man


Music has always been very important at St. Matthew's as one of the ways in which we express our worship. Our main Sunday service is always a Sung Mass and full congregational participation is encouraged. We use a variety of Mass settings (see below) and mainly hymns from the New English Hymnal and New English Praise.

Additionally we will often have soloists or guest choirs to enhance our worship for special occasions. It is important for  choirs to have the opportunity to experience sacred works being used as an integral part of the liturgy rather than just a concert performance and that opportunity is available at St. Matthew's. Local choirs which have sung during the Mass include the Tallis Consort and King William's College.

King Williams College Choir June 2014

Our building also has a wonderful acoustic for concerts both choral and instrumental and is often used for this purpose. We pray that all who come into St. Matthew's will feel uplifted by the experience and drawn closer to God.

Mass Settings used with traditional rite

An Anglican Folk Mass - Martin Shaw

C. Simper

R. Smart

L.J. White

S. Nicholson

H.H. Woodward

Gloria from the Cathedral at Auxerre with Troytes chant No. 2

Kyrie based on a Rouen Church Melody (harmonized by Vaughan Williams)

Mass Settings used with the new rite

Mass of St Thomas (Thorne)


organ stops

The Organ was originally built by Messrs. Ernest Wadsworth Ltd. of Manchester in 1922 and was re-built by Mssrs. Wood of Huddersfield, in 1979. It is recognised as one of the finest on the Island and frequently used for recitals.

To see the detailed specification of the organ click here

 Brass Bands

St. Matthew's has also had a long connection with brass bands. Until the 1950s the parish had its own band.

St. Matthew's Parish Band with bandmaster Mr T. Lewin

For many years the bandmaster of St. Matthew's Band was Mr Tom Lewin. The brass band tradition continued through subsequent generations of his family with a son, grandchildren and now great grand children playing in various of the Island's bands.

The band is pictured here outside the church halls after winning in the Manx Music festival in 1949.

St. matthew's Parish Band after winning  in the Manx Music Festival in 1949

1949 Manx Music Festival First Prize certificate
awarded to St. Matthew's Parish Brass Band