Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Readers' Rota
from 31st December 2017 to 11th March 2018



1st Reading
& Responsorial Psalm

2nd Reading

31/12/2017 The Holy Family J Matthews R Matthews RF
07/01/2018 EPIPHANY D Cowley V Cowley CB
14/01/2018 2nd Sunday J Riley A Griffiths HB
21/01/2018 3rd Sunday M Woods R Solomon BB
28/01/2018 4th Sunday B Bregazzi T Denne RF
02/02/2018 CANDLEMAS J Matthews R Matthews MW
04/02/2018 5th Sunday A Tawney K Wolstenholme TD
11/02/2018 6th Sunday T Denne B Bregazzi MW
14/02/2018 ASH WEDNESDAY V Cowley D Cowley RF
18/02/2018 Lent I K Wolstenholme J Riley CB
25/02/2018 Lent II R Matthews J Matthews HB
04/03/2018 Lent III R Solomon M Woods BB
11/03/2018 Lent IV (Mothering Sunday) A Griffiths A Tawney TD

If you are unable to read on a particular day, please try to swap with someone else on the rota and let Fr Tom or Paul Lewin know. Please sit near the front when you are due to read. The first reader should go to the lectern towards the end of the Gloria (or the Kyries in Advent and Lent) The second reader should go to the lectern during the last response to the Psalm. The pew sheet will be available to readers in advance to enable preparation but it is better to read from the larger print of the lectionary on the day

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NB: Readings taken from Universalis website. Occasionally our Calendar may differ (e.g. Harvest, Remembrance Sunday)

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Readers' Rota

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