Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

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Manx Church Magazine - January 1938

My Dear People,

I write this almost on the eve of Christmas and I hope you have all had a happy and peaceful time at this joyous Christmas festival, and I hope and pray you may have a prosperous New Year.

This autumn has been an eventful one for us at St Matthew's, culminating in our Mission. It is too soon to speak of any lasting effects, but there is no doubt that by God's Grace the Mission has made deep impressions upon the souls of many, and many have viewed fresh visions of God and His Love, and have found deeper penitence, and somehow there is a real feeling of joy, fellowship and peace among us all.

The weather, as we all know, was atrocious, but in spite of it people turned out night after night to hear the wonderfully earnest, sincere, catholic and evangelical teaching he gave us - no striving after emotionalism but just simple teaching of the good news of the Gospel.

What a privilege it was to have such a man amongst us, one living an absolutely dedicated life, helped by those two charming Church of England Sisters of Mercy, who visited splendidly and made friends with all. They were much touched by the warm welcome they were given everywhere and wish to thank everyone for it.

Mr Stephenson did a great piece of work with the children, and I don't think they will either forget him or the lessons he taught giving them a wonderful time, and I believe that this will have lasting results.

In the New Year we shall have time to discuss the "follow-up" of the Mission and what it has meant to us all.

May God bless you all,
Your sincere friend and Vicar,
Lewis C. Watson

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