Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

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Manx Church Magazine - February 1939

My Dear People,

The first thing I must do is to thank all those who helped to make our Nativity Play such a success. As you know, we never mention the name of any individual performer, as we regard the play as a corporate act of worship; but I can say that everyone did his or her part to the best of his or her ability, whether they were players, members of the choir or musicians, or whether they were working on the stage. Only those who are in it can know the amount of time and work and self-sacrifice that it all entails.

The play this year seems to have made a greater impression than ever, and both Mrs Watson and I appreciate all the very many expressions of gratitude for the help it gave to those who came to see it, and they came from all parts of the Island. The performers too will be very glad that their work has helped people to catch afresh the story of the Incarnation. We must say a big "thank you" to Messrs Lawton & Co. for all their lighting effects that they gave us. They never spare any pains to give us the very best that they can. Then Miss Rydings and her voluntary helpers added greatly to the musical side of the play. The whole thing is a piece of work well worth doing to the glory of God.

The next thing of importance to mention is that we are having a series of religious film services on Sundays after church, at 8pm in the Schools. We hope thereby to get non-going Church people to see and hear pictures that will present the Gospel message in a wider way than we can in the ordinary church services. The services will be open to any of our own people as well. A list of the films to be shown will be found underneath, and the dates. The pictures will be shown to children on the Saturdays previously at 6.00 p.m. I shall be glad if you will make them known and come yourself.

We are glad to welcome in our midst Mr Goodall, lately a missionary student of Warminster Missionary College, who is going to spend the few months he has before his Ordination with us here at St Matthew's. Ultimately, he is going out to Africa as a missionary to the UMCA we shall hope that he will enjoy his stay with us, and we shall be glad of his help in various ways.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,

Lewis C Watson


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